BCCJ Event

BCCJ Event April 2016

How to change hearts and minds?

London 2012 success can help Tokyo
BCCJ Event March 2016

Tokyo called to get in the game

Community engagement key for Rugby World Cup success
BCCJ Event March 2016

Setting the standard for good business

BCCJ Event December 2015

Next global players

Predicting the future role of the US, Europe and China
BCCJ Event November 2015

400 seconds to change the world

NPOs take on snappy format at community hub showcase
BCCJ Event November 2015

London ready to help Tokyo 2020 effort

Boris Johnson shares experience of 2012 Games
BCCJ Event October 2015

Deep-set attitude hampers Womenomics

Many women still believe in traditional gender roles
BCCJ Event October 2015

Jenson Button: how I became a better driver

GSK and McLaren tie-up offers training, nutrition
BCCJ Event August 2015

A sustainable economy, gender equality and more trade

Scotland the brave
BCCJ Event July 2015

How to draw tourists to Japan?

Six pillars to help visitors
BCCJ Event June 2015

Is Abenomics working?

A look at debt, deflation and economic growth
BCCJ Event May 2015

Saving rural life

Chairman helps island through art project
BCCJ Event April 2015

Ethical business

Working on climate change, healthcare and the bottom line
BCCJ Event March 2015

London’s 2012 legacy, Tokyo’s Olympian task

Lord Deighton shares insights and advice for the Tokyo 2020 team.
BCCJ Event March 2015

Will rugby union convert the masses?

The general manager of Japan Rugby 2019 outlines plans to promote the World Cup.
BCCJ Event February 2015

Cautious optimism for 2015

William Sposato advised members on what to expect in today's economic climate.
BCCJ Event January 2015

Taking risks for venture success

Having confidence to bet on yourself and a willingness to do any task are key.
BCCJ Event November 2014

Member Knowhow for Export Success

The BCCJ signs a pact with the UK government to help British businesses enter the Japanese market.
BCCJ Event October 2014

Tourism bodies tie up ahead of Tokyo 2020

VisitBritain shares learnings for Tokyo as the campaign to increase tourism numbers following London 2012 yields positive results.
BCCJ Event August 2014

Analysing Abenomics

Success of the third arrow is critical to the country's future said House of Representatives member Keisuke Suzuki.
BCCJ Event July 2014

Olympic lessons from the best

London 2012 is an example to Tokyo 2020 of how the Games can inspire change.
BCCJ Event June 2014

The cost of a “free” scotland

Lord Jack McConnell explores the wider implications of the upcoming referendum on the future of the UK.
BCCJ Event May 2014


Experts highlight the importance of LinkedIn as a professional tool to represent your business and personal brand.
BCCJ Event March 2014

Martin Donnelly: Innovation and Diversity

Innovative firms in the UK have grown nearly twice as fast as those that are not introducing new products, ideas or processes.
BCCJ Event February 2014

The Devil’s in the Detail

A football behemoth for the best part of the past 20 years, Manchester United is just as much a colossus of the global business world.
BCCJ Event January 2014

Diversity Beyond Gender: LGBT

Firms that consider the LGBT community in their initiatives stand to gain in terms of human capital and market potential.
BCCJ Event December 2013

UK: Open for Business

Recent changes to Britain’s corporate taxation rules have been designed to promote the UK as a place to do business, according to the "tax minister".
BCCJ Event April 2013

Diversity Beyond Gender: People with Disabilities

People with certain disabilities—physical, mental or intellectual—are often an overlooked and under-hired sector of the talent pool.
BCCJ Event March 2013

Lord Marland

The UK’s business community in Japan is “in the vanguard of the British economic recovery” and successes here will translate into increased trade, the creation of more jobs and growth at home, Lord Jonathan Marland told a British Chamber of Commerce in Japan luncheon at the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo in late February.
BCCJ Event September 2012

Diversity: What's the Point?

The concept of diversity—from gender, age and sexual orientation, to cultural background, education and handicap—is largely embraced and actively encouraged today by Western firms.