BCCJ Event

BCCJ Event

The UK’s image before and after Brexit

How Japan viewed the UK pre- and post- referendum
BCCJ Event April 2018

Pledge for parity

International Women’s Day event outlines barriers at work
BCCJ Event March 2018

Strong bonds

What does Brexit mean for Scotland, the UK and Japan?
BCCJ Event December 2017

Building resilience in your firm

Refugees provide model to overcome stress
BCCJ Event October 2017

It’s time for women to win

Virginia Bottomley extols the benefits of balance on the board
BCCJ Event August 2017

New youth

Recruitment boss offers advice on handling millennials
Embassy June 2017

Bearing fruit

Will English wines take root in Japan?
BCCJ Event June 2017

Small is great XI

Success as a serial entrepreneur in Japan
BCCJ Event May 2017

Yuriko Koike: Call me the “Silk Lady”

Inspired by Margaret Thatcher, Tokyo governor reveals her plan to leave a legacy
BCCJ Event March 2017

2017 Business Trends from the C-Suite

Japan bosses give views on Trump, Brexit
BCCJ Event March 2017

Mainstreaming equality, diversity and inclusion

BCCJ Event March 2017

Flexible working

Can you compete without it?
BCCJ Event October 2016

The money mover

Forex firm’s cheap cash transfers arrive in Japan
BCCJ Event October 2016

Making Good Things Happen

Corporate social responsibility offers benefits and challenges
BCCJ Event August 2016

Sports venues with longer lifespan

Sustainable models for Rugby World Cup 2019, Tokyo 2020
BCCJ Event July 2016

Tips from a digital nomad

Working smart—remotely
BCCJ Event May 2016

Rugby: sport of character

Integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline, respect
BCCJ Event April 2016

How to change hearts and minds?

London 2012 success can help Tokyo
BCCJ Event March 2016

Tokyo called to get in the game

Community engagement key for Rugby World Cup success
BCCJ Event March 2016

Setting the standard for good business

BCCJ Event December 2015

Next global players

Predicting the future role of the US, Europe and China
BCCJ Event November 2015

400 seconds to change the world

NPOs take on snappy format at community hub showcase
BCCJ Event November 2015

London ready to help Tokyo 2020 effort

Boris Johnson shares experience of 2012 Games
BCCJ Event October 2015

Deep-set attitude hampers Womenomics

Many women still believe in traditional gender roles
BCCJ Event October 2015

Jenson Button: how I became a better driver

GSK and McLaren tie-up offers training, nutrition
BCCJ Event August 2015

A sustainable economy, gender equality and more trade

Scotland the brave
BCCJ Event July 2015

How to draw tourists to Japan?

Six pillars to help visitors
BCCJ Event June 2015

Is Abenomics working?

A look at debt, deflation and economic growth
BCCJ Event May 2015

Saving rural life

Chairman helps island through art project
BCCJ Event April 2015

Ethical business

Working on climate change, healthcare and the bottom line