Editor December 2017

What’s in store?

Look ahead to 2018

Asked to define the current business environment, some of the words you would reach for might be change, dynamism and disruption. Technological innovation, geopolitical events and increased global competition are just some of the things that mean today’s businesses arguably need to be able to react faster and smarter than ever before. And although 2017 hasn’t delivered quite the same shocks as last year, there nevertheless have been plenty of reminders that firms can’t be flat footed.

In this situation, chief executive officers and other senior business leaders could be forgiven for wishing they had a crystal ball so they could know what will happen next. While we can’t quite deliver that at BCCJ ACUMEN, we can do the next best thing: bring together experts to offer their inside take on the trends that will define 2018. Find out the latest key developments and what they mean for the year ahead.

And for further clues as to what’s in store, see our summary of the most recent Foreign Chambers in Japan Business Confidence Survey. With Japan experiencing its longest period of unbroken growth since the turn of the millennium, foreign firms in the country are feeling confident, something reflected in their plans for the future.

Strong footing
But challenges will inevitably present themselves. For both firms and individuals, the question is how they can properly prepare themselves to deal with times of stress and adversity.

We take a look at work done by Refugees International Japan and others to help people think about and cultivate resilience. Drawing upon the powerful stories of those who have been caught up in conflict, the sessions ask you to think about the lessons we can take from them and apply in our own lives. These accounts have been allied with research into resilience by top experts.

Holiday season
The weather might well be getting colder, but this issue has plenty to get you thinking about warmer climes and future travel plans.

Last month, the 2019 Rugby World Cup organising committee and World Rugby unveiled the tournament’s match schedule, throwing up some interesting fixtures involving the home nations. But in addition to a feast of sport, the competition also provides the perfect chance to explore Japan. We give a round-up of what to see and do in and around the host cities between match days.

We look at the main draws for British and other tourists, from strong UK–Japan historical links to abundant natural beauty. And rounding out our travel coverage, we have a dispatch from Myanmar.

Lastly, I would like to wish all BCCJ members and BCCJ ACUMEN readers a happy Christmas and new year.