April 2013


UK–Japan: Closer Than You Think?

Shimaguni konjo (island nation mentality) is a term I have often heard applied to the seeming similarities between Japan and the UK.

How to Retain Your Best Talent

You’ve secured the perfect candidate for a role and they are starting next week. Considering the time and money invested in the new employee’s recruitment, you will want them to remain engaged in a productive career with your firm over the long term.

Slapping No Sense into Them

The Sakuranomiya senior high school basketball captain chose death rather than experience another demeaning day of face slaps from his coach.
Visiting Japan April 2013

Jobs for the Boyos

David Jones, the secretary of state for Wales, has promised the engineers and executives of Hitachi Ltd. that, on arrival in his homeland, they will receive as warm a welcome as he was given here.
Japanese Media April 2013

What You Missed in the Japanese Press

Rise of the Herbivorous Spender; More Singles Forgoing the Group to Go It Alone; Poll: Public Cool on Tokyo 2020 Olympic Bid; Demand Grows as Camping Cars Shrink
Film April 2013

Coming Out of the Closet

Inspired by an article he had read in The Daily Telegraph in May 2008, a British artist and filmmaker has released a short film that takes the curious case of Tatsuko Horikawa and gives it a dramatic new setting in the mountains of Wales.
Energy April 2013

Woman’s Touch, Outsider’s Eye

Lady Barbara Judge CBE is instituting a new safety culture at Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).
Tourism April 2013

Leaving London

Office workers looked down from the towering block as an authentic Yeomen Warder—commonly known as a Beefeater—from the Tower of London posed for photos, while passers-by stopped to listen to a DJ playing tracks by the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Queen.
Trade April 2013

Trading Places

When the liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker Ob River put in to the Kyushu port of Tobata last December, it had completed a journey that will open up vast new opportunities for transport and shipping firms that ply the waters between Europe and the Far East.
FDI April 2013

Africa: Riches and Risks

The risks of doing business in Africa were graphically underlined in January, when fundamentalists opposed to France’s intervention in Mali took more than 800 workers hostage from the Tigantourine gas production facility near the Algerian town of In Amenas.
Media April 2013

UK Among Markets for Frozen Beer

Kirin Brewery Company, Limited is to take its popular frozen beer to the UK, according to a press release issued on 11 March.
Media April 2013

Luxury Cygnet Car Heads for Japan

Sports car maker Aston Martin has announced the launch of its Cygnet model in Japan, the Lutterworth Mail reported on 8 March.
Media April 2013

Tokyo to Stage UK Rework of Ghibli Anime Classic

The British stage adaptation of Studio Ghibli’s animated classic Princess Mononoke is to come to Japan, Japan Today reported on 11 March.
Simon Farrell Publisher
April 2013

A Year to Remember

As we compiled features in this issue about the UK and Japan marking their 400-year relationship and a tourism campaign by VisitBritain and British Airways, I was intrigued to learn about a number of other important anniversaries in 2013.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
April 2013

Honouring Heritage, Embracing the Future

Supported by the BCCJ’s Back to Business Initiative for Tohoku, Megumi Hikichi—a civil servant before the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami—has built a community-based enterprise in her hometown of Watari, Miyagi Prefecture.
Sir Tim Hitchens CMG LVO
April 2013

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty

I am delighted to have been asked to provide a message for BCCJ ACUMEN to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.
BCCJ Event April 2013

Diversity Beyond Gender: People with Disabilities

People with certain disabilities—physical, mental or intellectual—are often an overlooked and under-hired sector of the talent pool.
Diversity April 2013

Foster Talent, Skills, Creativity

Unilever aims to double the size of its business while reducing its environmental footprint and increasing its positive impact.
Industry April 2013

British Isles, Japanese Islands

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the establishment of trade relations between the UK and Japan.
Industry April 2013

From Novelty to Necessity

In a few short years, live streaming video has gone from being a novelty to a necessity for business.
Publicity April 2013

Japan—Lack of Trust Now Embedded

Last December, a tunnel on one of Japan’s key arterial highways collapsed. Among the grief and sadness that followed this accident, one lady’s comment stood out: “You can’t even trust the tunnels in this country anymore”.
Arts & Culture April 2013

Arts Events

Arts events compiled by Yoko Yanagimoto.
If You Ask Me April 2013

With this Ring ...

British Prime Minister David Cameron has gone out on a limb to promote it; US President Barack Obama has soundly endorsed it; the establishment fumes and rails against it; and the religious of virtually every stripe condemn it.
History April 2013

Truth and Lies

A former British soldier has written what is probably the most authoritative and painstakingly researched book on the 1942 fall of Singapore.
Books April 2013

Book Reviews

Strong in the Rain After the Great East Japan Earthquake
Cover Story April 2013

Four Centuries of Friendship

Four centuries after the first diplomatic mission from the UK set foot in Japan, the two nations are marking 400 years of trading, diplomatic, scientific and cultural relations with a series of events that celebrate the mutual regard and friendship between the two societies.
Media April 2013

News in Brief

Your monthly digest of UK–Japan news.