Entrepreneur April 2017

Make it in Japan

Five challenges for non-Japanese entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur September 2016

Don’t stop the music

Guy Perryman’s star-studded career
Entrepreneur August 2016

As nature intends

Berkshire designer’s strong business ethic
Entrepreneur February 2016

Local demand for craftsmen boosts creative Briton

Entrepreneur January 2016

Sweet on British puddings

Baker and author brings a taste of her former home back to Japan
Entrepreneur October 2015

Sausage supply chain

How one Briton got over the red tape
Entrepreneur September 2015

Student becomes master

Welsh washi-maker invigorates traditional Japanese industry
Entrepreneur August 2015

Timeless treasures

Scots custodian of history sets up in Tokyo
Entrepreneur May 2012

Theodore Jennings

Award-winning outdoor living designer produces elegant energy saving solutions for home and office balconies.
Entrepreneur May 2012

Life in the Slow Lane

It’s a long way from the bright lights of Tokyo, but the Britons who are making their mark on the business community in Japan’s most southerly prefecture are adamant that they would not swap their beaches, balmy air and bougainvillea for all the neon in Shibuya.
Entrepreneur December 2011


The secret of a great bar or restaurant—to which people want to return time and time again—according to John Watkins, is creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, providing a wide selection of reasonably priced food and drinks, and leaving the music selection to the younger members of staff.
Entrepreneur June 2011

“Not Grim up North”

When Nick Bonner arrived in Beijing in 1993 to study and teach landscape architecture, he had no idea that before the year was out he would have laid the foundations for what are today the most successful travel and cultural exchange organisations operating in the world’s most isolated nation.
Entrepreneur May 2011

When Small Is Big

For a compact car, the Mini has acquired a very large following. Nowhere is that more so than in another nation that values the aesthetic worth of the compact and intricate over the big and bulky.
Entrepreneur April 2011

Original Ideas

Whether they are enjoying a quiet drink after work or staging their long-planned wedding ceremony, Japanese people want a sense of place and authenticity in their venue. That’s where Sue Anamizu comes in.
Entrepreneur March 2011

Fusion Fingers

The quaint image of a lavender-lined path and pink roses trained around the door of a thatched cottage is one that many Japanese bring back from a visit to the UK. And despite Japan’s own considerable gardening heritage, some want to recreate their very own English garden here.
Entrepreneur December 2010 / January 2011

Health Food for Dogs

As one of Britain’s top police dog handlers, Geoff Bowers was accustomed to putting the 500 animals in his charge through their paces. These days, he is happy to admit that a run with his small number of pet dogs leaves him exhausted. The reason: they are fed a diet comprising completely raw and natural ingredients — a food more than a decade in the making without the additives, grains and cereals found in conventional dog food.
Entrepreneur October / November 2010

Fresh Challenge

Officially, the unprepossessing split-level restaurant beneath the railway tracks close to Yurakucho Station is known as Shin Hinomoto. More commonly, among regulars and people who have heard legends of the place, it is Andy’s izakaya.
Entrepreneur June / July 2010

Social Enterprise Symposium

The social enterprise movement, in which the UK is considered a pioneer, encourages positive social change and inclusion, and supports civil society.