Education September 2018

Global minds

Why people in Japan are choosing international schools
Education July 2018

The JET-set

British teachers start their lives in Japan
Education January 2018

School of thought

Japan follows global trend for international education
Education January 2018

Keep in touch

UK alumni groups in Japan play key role in bilateral ties
Education August 2017

Yarn and friendship

The rewards of knitting
Education July 2017

The next level

Marianne Black, BST chair of trustees, on governance and her MBE
Education April 2017

Making Learning Visible

The Reggio Emilia Approach to learning
Education January 2017

Getting results

Japan beats UK in PISA, but test isn’t perfect
Education July 2016

21st century teaching

Education July 2016

Culture, heritage and language

Why a British education appeals
Education July 2016

New chapter for Oxford–Japan ties

Prestigious Kyoto Prize winners go to Oxford
Education September 2015

Helping kids develop communication skills

Education January 2015

Why parents pay for their kids to play

Private kindergarten focuses on unstructured, child-directed activities for kids to achieve social benchmarks.
Education November 2014

Caring To Teach the Unreached

The British School in Tokyo has partnered with United World Schools to support education in Cambodia.
Education November 2013

Supporting Reforms in Learning

Discussions were held on improving the education system at a symposium hosted by the British Council Japan.
Education October 2013

Fostering Scientists of Tomorrow

Thirty students and teachers from nine high schools in areas affected by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami have taken part in a science workshop at Cambridge University.
Education August 2013

The Globis Vision

Yoshito Hori makes no apologies for being a glass-half-full person.
Education September 2012

Which MBA in Japan?

It was not so long ago in Japan that business know-how gained on the job was considered to be more important than anything learned from books.
Education September 2012

New Approach to Testing English

Global jinzai (human resources) has become a buzzword used in discussions about Japan’s international competitiveness. Japan’s private and public sectors wish to increase this by educating people with the required skills to succeed in the international workplace.
Education August 2012

International Schools

While concerns surrounding last year’s disasters in Tohoku and the current economic climate linger, expatriate parents in Japan face a perennial cause of anxiety: where to send the children to school.
Education May 2012

Selecting the Right University

Surrounded by fellow students of many different nationalities, heading off to universities in every country imaginable, the options for students at international schools can seem endless.
Education February 2012

Masters of the Future

This century has been predicted as the era in which Asia emerges from the shadow of Europe and the US to become the driver of global growth. It is expected that the changes taking place in Asian regional powers, such as Japan, China and India, as well as throughout South-East Asia—politically, socially and, most importantly, economically—will shape the future of the world.
Education December 2011

What Children of the Future Need from Schools

How are schools preparing children for the future—when change will be rapid and technological innovation even more so? What jobs will exist?
Education September 2011

School Report

After a bad case of the jitters in the immediate aftermath of the 11 March earthquake and tsunami, life is returning to normal across the Kanto region. Six months later, firms are operating at full tilt once more. And so it is with the schools charged with giving hundreds of children the best international-oriented education possible.
Education July 2011

Learning English Earlier

In April, elementary schools started teaching English as a foreign language to 5th and 6th graders, marking a huge step forward for the subject in Japan. This is largely the result of pressure from business, which increasingly wants staff who can use English in practical settings, and who have the international and cross-cultural skills to function well in a global marketplace.
Education March 2011

Learning “Real World” Language

The world of business changes rapidly and this has never been more true than over the past 10 years.
Education August / September 2010

Global Learning in Japanese Schools

For Japanese and foreigners with children here, living in Japan offers a safe, clean environment and the opportunity to pursue numerous pastimes. However, when it comes to education, the picture often looks less rosy.
Feature Article June / July 2010

But What Does a Coach Actually Do?

A coach is not a consultant, therapist, counsellor or mentor. Let’s use the simple analogy of riding a bike to explain the differences.
Education February / March 2010

Universities Boost UK-Japan Ties

The internationalisation of higher education is a priority issue for governments worldwide. By leveraging the reputation and expertise...
Education December 2009 / January 2010

20 Years of Teaching

This year marks the 20th anniversary of The British School in Tokyo. Today, we are a two-site school for over 650 students, with a reputation for providing a British education of the highest calibre to Nursery children...