Food Nov / Dec 2020

Home grown

Food March 2019

Vegan and Veggie Invasion

Can Japan meet the culinary needs of inbound tourists?

UK Meat Mission

Food March 2019

Taste for Britain

Annual expo finds flare for UK fare
Food February 2019

Proper Job!

Jam first, and do it dreckly!
Food January 2019

Moooove over, Wagyu

British beef and lamb are back in Japan!
Food September 2017

Prime cuts

Talk of lifting Japan’s ban on British beef gives hope to UK firms
Food March 2017

Spread the good news

Japan’s marmalade artisans could take UK market by storm
Food May 2014


British exhibitors at Foodex Japan see the enthusiasm for a taste of the UK.
Food December 2013

The Role of Roast in Early Trading

Legend has it that the ruler of Hirado in 1613 immediately took to this traditional English dish.
Food October 2013

Food for Thought

Anyone who has spent time in the UK recently will agree that huge strides have been made across the board in the quality of food being served.
Food July 2013

Reds in Bed

Red was the colour of Kagome Co., Ltd’s booth at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit 2013. Red is also the colour of tomatoes—known for being not just delicious but healthy—and are what the firm is about.
Food January 2013

Unearthing the Secrets of Wasabi

In a tranquil valley in Dorset, south-west England—the exact location is a closely guarded secret—a uniquely Japanese crop is taking hold in beds fed by an artesian spring alongside the River Frome.
Food December 2012

Mission Accomplished

The recent trade mission to Japan to promote Scottish food and drink paid an immediate dividend after The Scottish Deli announced that its next order from Japan had tripled in size, thereby adding five top-end fish and shellfish products to its range of exports.
Food October 2012

Marmite and Natto

When Kimiko Osada first arrived in Britain in 1972, Japanese food was not only unobtainable, it was almost completely unknown. In the intervening four decades, she has become Kimiko Barber, published six books on Japanese cuisine and made it her mission to encourage Britons to cook Japanese food at home. She firmly believes that good, healthy eating starts at home.
Food September 2012

Creating Classic Cuisine

In the 11 years since chef Ian Tozer opened Roti, a US-style grill and rotisserie, he has noticed big differences in the way in which a substantial portion of the restaurant’s clientele likes to eat.
Food June 2012

Had Enough Vindaloo?

Marcus Wareing is on a campaign to convince diners that British cuisine can be world-class and consists of more than roast beef and fish and chips, but he was also deeply impressed by the dishes that are being served by some of Japan’s top restaurants.