March 2014


Japan’s Biggest Pop Star Is Not Human

Hatsune Miku, with her turquoise pigtails and schoolgirl demeanour, is the world’s first union of fabricated digital voice sporting a virtual character body.

Selling Services in Japan

You can’t touch, hear, smell, see or taste it, but please buy it! This is often the dilemma with selling services.

Governance By the Books?

The Japanese government recently participated in a corporate governance conference, and has updated its stewardship code to reflect global standards.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
March 2014

Time to take stock

Over the past year, our current excom has seen rising membership numbers, a boost in event attendance and a steady organic increase in online engagement.
BCCJ Event March 2014

Martin Donnelly: Innovation and Diversity

Innovative firms in the UK have grown nearly twice as fast as those that are not introducing new products, ideas or processes.
Books March 2014

History in the making

This 350-page publication masterfully examines the process by which Japan developed from a feudal society into a national state.
Charity March 2014

Fur Pets’ Sake

Animals being left without food or water represent a man-made catastrophe.
Culture March 2014

Making the Cut

The classic 1974 gangster film The Yakuza first piqued Paul Martin's interest in Japanese martial arts and history.
Embassy March 2014

Risk Communication Three Years after

Science communication has been identified as a key area where Britain can share its expertise with Japan.
Digital March 2014

Insights Incite Action

A Tokyo-based advertising agency has produced two online commercials that yielded great success for its clients.
Health March 2014

no fluoride, no problem

In this world of probiotics, saliva tests and fancy electric/ultrasonic toothbrushes, I still believe in good old manual brushing.
Innovation March 2014

Global View of Progress

Original thinking is just what Japan requires as it strives to emerge from a long, painful recession.
If You Ask Me March 2014

Stormy Weather

What more will it take to persuade people that if we continue to treat our planet as we do currently, it will soon be too late?
March 2014

Powerhouse of the UK economy

Official statistics reveal that the UK’s creative industries are now worth £71.4bn per year to the domestic economy.
Publicity March 2014

Passing the Test of Time

When Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opened the British School in Tokyo, even the Iron Lady could never have envisaged the world 25 years later.
Simon Farrell Publisher
March 2014

Inside the mind of a magazine designer

I’m delighted to welcome our gifted Creative Director Cliff Cardona to share with us his wisdom on the much-anticipated redesign of BCCJ ACUMEN.
Sport March 2014

Going swimmingly

Business is buoyant in Japan for the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), with the UK's governing body for underwater activities playing on its Britishness.
Cover Story March 2014

New Tohoku

As we mark the third anniversary of the disaster, it is clear that Britons have had a huge impact on recovery and reconstruction in the Tohoku region.
Anniversary March 2014

The future is clear

With a new product line, renovated packaging and other developments, Unilever Japan is on track to achieve its 2020 goals.
Media March 2014

news in brief

Your monthly digest of UK-Japan media reports
Media March 2014

New brewpub in Asakusa

A British-style pub has opened in one of Tokyo’s most historical districts.
Media March 2014

Football group marks decade

The British Football Academy celebrates 10 years in Tokyo this year.
Media March 2014

Cosmetics brand debuts abroad

Japan’s top-selling men’s hair wax is now available in London stores.
Media March 2014

N. Ireland plant expands

Japanese-owned Ryobi Aluminium Casting (UK) Limited has announced a £32mn investment in its Northern Ireland plant.
Management March 2014

Engage your staff

A 2013 survey has revealed that only 9% of employees in Japan are highly engaged.
Arts March 2014


UK arts events in Japan
Japanese Media March 2014

Japan news

Poll: Visitors' Top 10 Complaints; Local Wheat Stock Rising; Boost for Public Housing; Report: Foreign Labour May Not Be Enough