September 2012


Tokyo Farmer's Markets

Why take the extra time to visit a farmers’ market when supermarkets and convenience stores are on nearly every corner in Tokyo and food co-ops deliver right to your door?

Paul Kerr

London-based Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) is all about helping small, independently owned luxury hotels by providing economies of scale similar to those achieved by the large international hotel chains, while allowing them to maintain their individuality and independence.

Attitude Makes Altitude

Getting someone to buy whatever you are selling can be fraught with difficulty. Sales managers and teams need to succeed or it’s game over for them.
Media September 2012

Brompton Bike's Biggest Market

A folding bicycle manufacturer’s biggest export market is Japan, The Daily Telegraph reported on 21 August.
Media September 2012

Sweets Firm Tastes Sales Success

Media September 2012

Foundry to Export Bells

The world’s most famous bell foundry in the UK is to manufacture bells for export to Japan, the London Press Service reported on 7 August.
Media September 2012

Fashion for Mohair Socks

A huge demand for mohair socks in Japan has helped a small Northumberland firm to increase its profits, The Journal reported on 25 July.
Education September 2012

Which MBA in Japan?

It was not so long ago in Japan that business know-how gained on the job was considered to be more important than anything learned from books.
Media September 2012

News in Brief

Your monthly digest of UK-Japan news
Education September 2012

New Approach to Testing English

Global jinzai (human resources) has become a buzzword used in discussions about Japan’s international competitiveness. Japan’s private and public sectors wish to increase this by educating people with the required skills to succeed in the international workplace.
History September 2012

The Namamugi Incident

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Namamugi Incident, the conflict in which samurai killed a British trader, resulting in feudal Japan being brought into the modern era.
HR September 2012

Future of Japan's Jobs Market

At a glance, Randstad’s slogan might seem somewhat overused. “Good to know you” encapsulates more than 50 years of a firm’s ethos that places value on understanding its clients and candidates. It is also an appropriate adage for the far-from-rosy future of Japan’s employment market.
Creative September 2012

On Safari with Urban Snappers

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. Attend one of Alfie Goodrich’s roving photography classes and you’ll get the thousand words thrown in, as advice on how to capture that perfect image.
Publicity September 2012

Diversity Survey Results 2012

For its recent diversity survey, Hays Specialist Recruitment Japan KK polled 1,000 hiring and line managers, as well as female candidates, all of whom, in November and December 2011, had been placed in a new role, or who had been looking for a new position.
HR September 2012

Globalisation through Gender Diversity

Diversity in the workplace has become an authentic tool to drive business growth in Japan.
Industry September 2012

The Death of on-the-job Training

A silent, tectonic shift is taking place in Japan. The so-called lost decade—that commenced in the 1990s with the collapse of the nation’s asset prices—is now into a third decade. The period has seen stasis in many areas, including investment in human-capital productivity.
BCCJ Event September 2012

Diversity: What's the Point?

The concept of diversity—from gender, age and sexual orientation, to cultural background, education and handicap—is largely embraced and actively encouraged today by Western firms.
HR September 2012

Fight or Flight

Japan’s recruitment market is experiencing severe challenges due to the shift in demographics currently taking place. Research indicates that, by 2060, Japan’s population will have shrunk by one-third, while the number of people aged 65 or over will almost have doubled.
Sport September 2012

More to Rugby Than a Ruck

Rugby Union has a long and distinguished history in Japan, and there are high hopes that the sport, at all levels, will experience a further boost in the run-up to Japan hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2019.
Food September 2012

Creating Classic Cuisine

In the 11 years since chef Ian Tozer opened Roti, a US-style grill and rotisserie, he has noticed big differences in the way in which a substantial portion of the restaurant’s clientele likes to eat.
Music September 2012

Merging Music

Susanne Bayly was pregnant with Diana Yukawa on 12 August 1985, when Japan Airlines flight 123 from Haneda International Airport to Osaka crashed into Mt Osutaka in Gunma Prefecture. Diana’s father Akihisa was among the 520 people who did not survive the worst single-aircraft crash in history.
Japanese Media September 2012

What You Missed in the Japanese Press

When Diversity Upsets the Workplace, Who Gives the Best—and Worst—Service?, Konbini Wired for Sales, Items Sold Abroad Online
Cover Story September 2012

Flying the Flag for Fashion

The unmistakable red, white and blue of the UK’s Union Jack flag has become de rigueur in Japanese fashion circles, usurping the Stars and Stripes of the US as the design in which to be seen.
Books September 2012

Book Review

Products such as the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad have changed the way many people enjoy the reading experience.
Arts & Culture September 2012

Arts Events

Arts events compiled by Shoko Sekiya.
Great British Brands September 2012

GlaxoSmithKline plc

Innovation is the bedrock on which GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plc. is built. Nearly 300 years after the founding of the pharmacy from which the modern firm has evolved, GSK remains committed to exploring directions that others in the sector choose to ignore.
Simon Farrell Publisher
September 2012

… We Can Depend on You

When I first came to Tokyo, in 1987, I thought: is this place obsessed with America or what? US flags and other icons were ubiquitous. There was a love hotel built to look like the Statue of Liberty and daily I walked past something called American Boulevard, next to Seibu Shinjuku Station, selling what was considered cool US stuff.