May 2011

Simon Farrell Publisher
May 2011

Warm Welcome and a Wet Farewell

It’s not often that both an incumbent and a former prime minister visit Tokyo within a month or so of each other, as was the case in April and May. David Cameron arrived first, accompanied by a number of defence manufacturers, and we explore why.
Media May 2011

News in Brief

Your monthly digest of UK / Japan news
Feature Article May 2011

The Royal Wedding

I am delighted to send this message to the readers of BCCJ ACUMEN on the occasion of the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The day of the wedding was a national holiday and a day of celebration across Britain. In all parts of the United Kingdom, families, friends and neighbours celebrated the wedding at home as well as in many colourful street parties.
Simon Farrell Publisher
May 2011

Food for Thought

The different marketing styles of Europe, Asia and North America were starkly illustrated to me recently. As we prepared this issue’s cover story on the multinational Eurofighter consortium’s bid to sell its Typhoon to Japan, Washington embarrassingly failed to make the shortlist to supply its combat aircraft to India because technology from two huge US jet manufacturers was judged inferior to that of Europe.
May 2011

Getting Back to Business

The cherry blossom season has come and gone, leading to further seasonal change. Just as in nature, the renewal that has started in the chamber allows us to look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
May 2011

“Business as Usual in Unusual Circumstances”

Throughout April, thanks to the generosity of members and the counsel of our NPO colleagues, the BCCJ was in a position to provide direct emergency aid to groups and individuals working in Tohoku. This aid came in many forms, including water, underwear, nappies, fresh fruit, batteries and tinned tuna.
Translation May 2011

『BCCJ ACUMEN』Volume 2 / Issue 5のまとめ

Media May 2011

London Launches Happy Movement

Action for Happiness was launched in London, encouraging hugging, meditation and random kindness, the Mainichi Daily News reported on 12 April.
Media May 2011

Book: UK Royals Loved Irezumi

The Japanese tattoo, or irezumi, dates back to prehistoric times but has never captured the local imagination except among yakuza gangsters, prostitutes, secret societies and labourers.
Media May 2011

Robots Aid in Quake Recovery

UK defence contractor QinetiQ Group PLC is providing unmanned-vehicle equipment with related support and training to aid Japan’s natural disaster recovery efforts, the Asahi Shimbun reported on 15 April.
Media May 2011

Business of Climate Change

Following Climate Week on 21-27 March, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) released a major report by The Economist Intelligence Unit on adapting to climate change, as well as the business opportunities and risks involved, the London Press Service reported on 5 April.
Sport May 2011

Marketing the Manchester Magic

One of the UK’s oldest and best known football schools, the Bobby Charlton Soccer and Sports Academy (BCSSA), recently visited Japan to set up a coaching programme with an English-language school and to forge links with local football clubs.
Entrepreneur May 2011

When Small Is Big

For a compact car, the Mini has acquired a very large following. Nowhere is that more so than in another nation that values the aesthetic worth of the compact and intricate over the big and bulky.
Industry May 2011

Less Drug Lag, More Development

First of all, we would like to offer our deepest condolences to the people and regions affected by the 11 March earthquake and subsequent incidents in the north-east of Japan and neighbouring areas. The pharmaceutical industry in general, and our firm in particular, are monitoring recovery efforts and focusing on ensuring the continuity of the healthcare system and drug deliveries despite current circumstances.
Industry May 2011

Major Growth Ahead

The pharmaceutical industry in Japan is preparing for major growth. As firms compete for market share in the recovering economy, we see hiring freezes have been lifted since last year, while budgets have been adjusted for an anticipated increase in staff numbers.
Trade and Investment May 2011

Investing in Life Sciences

In June 2009, Eisai Co., Ltd., one of Japan’s major pharmaceutical firms, invested more than £100mn in opening its European Knowledge Centre in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. This enabled it to integrate all functions on one site with more than 500 staff, combining manufacturing, discovery and clinical research, marketing, and European headquarters facilities.
Embassy May 2011

Why You Should Register

For most British subjects living in, or visiting, Japan contact with the British Embassy Tokyo’s consular team comes in the form of routine notarial or documentary services. Others may have been helped by the team in times of distress—from losing passports and wallets, to hospitalisations, or dealing with bereavement.
Survey May 2011

Disaster Aftermath Business Confidence Survey

Inevitably, the 3/11 disaster had a significant influence on the “Foreign Chambers in Japan Spring Survey”, especially the outlook for the economy and firms’ short-term (six months) business performance. Compared to the previous survey (autumn 2010), this one shows uncertainty about the economic situation in Japan, especially over the short term.
Business Risk May 2011

China Plus One

As the Chinese market grows and operational risk rises, many global organisations are seeking to supplement their Asia strategy by pursuing new countries in the region. For the past two decades, global corporations have opened factories and service businesses in China to access booming Asian markets and profit from relatively low costs.
My Day May 2011

Matthew Broadway

My Blackberry alarm wakes me at 6am most days, just in time to organise myself and get to the pool at Atago Green Hills Forest Tower Spa for opening time 30 minutes later.
Mergers and Acquisitions May 2011

Post-Earthquake M&A Prospects

The devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March has had a profound impact on Japan’s productive capacity and psychology, not to mention the massive loss of life and livelihoods. The ensuing development at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is casting a long shadow over recovery, restoration and redevelopment efforts.
Environment May 2011

E-idea for Young Eco-Entrepreneurs

E-idea, like all brilliant ideas, is very simple but wonderfully effective. Young entrepreneurs, with strong environmentally focused ideas, submit a proposal into a national competition to be judged by a specialist panel. The winners receive funding, get plugged into a vast global business network, and are then given commercial and marketing mentoring from industry specialists.
Cover Story May 2011

Pitching the Eurofighter

The opposition may have impressive pedigrees, but they are up against a thoroughbred in the shape of the Eurofighter Typhoon as the race to provide the Japan Air Self-Defense Force with its next-generation fighter enters the final stretch.