August 2013


Edo Examples of Sustainable Living

Long before the high-rises, paved roads and neon lights that today typify Tokyo, the city by the bay had a different name and a very different feel to it.

The Self-Disciplined Leader

Leadership is about creating environments that influence others to achieve group goals. This works because people support a world they help create.

Finding the Right Serviced Apartment

Katsumi Sugawara of Space Design Inc. provides expert advice on choosing a serviced apartment for employees or visiting family members.
Sir Tim Hitchens CMG LVO
August 2013

It’s a Boy!

When news finally broke on 22 July that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a son—third in line to the throne—thousands of well-wishers descended on Buckingham Palace.
Simon Farrell Publisher
August 2013

British Business Awards: Artist, Judge, Nominations

With violinist Diana Yukawa’s British Airways ticket from London to Tokyo confirmed for her performance at the BCCJ 2013 British Business Awards (BBA), it’s also a pleasure to announce that Michael Woodford MBE, the whistle-blower, has kindly agreed to be a judge at the annual black tie event, on 1 November at the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo.
Media August 2013

British Council Eyes English Test Inclusion

Media August 2013

Fast Food + Film Firm = Promotion

Hunger Breaks has teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation for a competition that offers the chance to win a samurai experience in Tokyo, Talking Retail reported on 18 July.
Media August 2013

Suzuki Swift 4x4 Heads to UK

Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced plans to offer the Swift 4x4 in the UK, Autotrader reported on 8 July.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
August 2013

The Importance of Sport

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid now entering its final stretch, not to mention the tremendous excitement surrounding Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win, the British Lions’ victory in Australia, a great start to the Ashes, and Chris Froome lifting the Tour de France trophy, sport has not been far from my mind this month.
Japanese Media August 2013

What you missed in the Japanese press

Motorways: Shop When You Stop; Are You Anti Social Media?; Meals on Wheels: Now, That’s Convenient; New Word Aims to Protect the Pregnant
August 2013

The Sounds of Success

In both Japan and the UK, summer now means music. The UK this year celebrated a magnificent Glastonbury Festival blessed with sunshine (a rarity) and the Rolling Stones’ first performance in the festival’s 43-year history. The festival headline band was, for the first time, English folk rock group Mumford & Sons.
Cover Story August 2013

Healthcare: Prevent and Detect

The first health policy white paper to be jointly compiled by the European Business Council in Japan (EBC) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) has made numerous recommendations—156 across 36 topic sections—on improvements in healthcare here.
Design August 2013

Interacting with Interiors

In the centre of Sou Fujimoto’s cluttered and constantly busy studio stood a sprawling scale model of his latest project. Although, at that stage of planning, it looked like thousands of matchsticks held together in an intricate geometrical lattice of cubes and right angles, already the concept of the finished design was apparent.
Publicity August 2013

Gate Hotel: Where Old and New Mean Style

Anniversaries are usually a time of reminiscing and looking back. But Keisuke Uno, general manager of the Gate Hotel Kaminarimon, wants the first anniversary of his hotel to be a time to look forward.
Education August 2013

The Globis Vision

Yoshito Hori makes no apologies for being a glass-half-full person.
Sport August 2013

United in Health and Spirit

Thunder, lightning and a torrential downpour were not enough to dampen the spirits of 250 children from the disaster-hit Tohoku region when they took part in the Kagome Re: Generation Challenge 2013 with Manchester United FC at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama.
Event August 2013

What Would a Tokyo 2020 Olympics Bring to Japan?

With the International Olympic Committee (IOC) vote on 7 September, Tokyo is entering the final lap of the selection process for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics host city.
Anniversary August 2013

400 Night

Given both nations’ partiality to fine dining, excellent company and free-flowing drinks, it was appropriate that 400 years of close ties between Japan and Britain were celebrated at the BCCJ’s 400 Night at the Conrad Tokyo hotel on 18 July.
Interview August 2013

Jonathan Sampson

Hays Japan provides recruitment-related services covering permanent placement, temporary staffing, IT consulting and recruitment process outsourcing.
Technology August 2013

Lessons in Communication

Teaching the Japanese a thing or two about cutting-edge communications connections on its railway systems might appear a futile effort—a “coals to Newcastle” situation—but Nomad Digital Ltd. has set its sights on being a key player here.
Pharmaceutical August 2013

Closer to a Cure

While medical science has made astonishing progress in improving our quality of life and eradicating severe illnesses, many serious diseases are still awaiting cures.
Music August 2013

The Prodigy Daughter

Members of the BCCJ attending the annual British Business Awards on 1 November can expect an evening of humour, awards, as well as excellent food and drink. But the highlight is expected to be Diana Yukawa.
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical August 2013

Use of Third Party Intermediaries

According to the 12th Global Fraud Survey, released by Ernst & Young in June 2012, 39% of respondents reported that bribery or corrupt practices occur frequently in their countries.
Industry August 2013

How Research Reflects Decision-making

One of the most intriguing things about the market research industry in Japan is just how small it is, compared with that in other advanced economies.
Industry August 2013

New Tax Rate: What It Means

The Japanese government is taking aggressive steps to reform both social security and the taxation system. The goal is to stabilise public finance and produce a sustainable system of social security.
Health August 2013

Is There a Blood Test for Cancer?

Patients often ask me if there is a simple blood test they can undergo to check whether they have cancer.
Creative August 2013

Interior Design: the Future

Visitors to the Audi office in Tokyo are treated to a fun and poignant glimpse into the automaker’s heritage the moment they step through the glass doors.
History August 2013

Blood Diaries

Research by a historian at The University of Manchester indicates that soldiers of all nations who fought in the Far East during World War II were partly radicalised to commit atrocities by their own diaries.
Arts & Culture August 2013

Arts Events

Arts events compiled by Yoko Yanagimoto.
If You Ask Me August 2013

Has the Revolving Door of PMs Now Closed?

Japan’s voters—at least the 36% who bothered to turn out in July’s House of Councillors (upper house) election—have spoken: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe now has control of both chambers in the Diet.
Books August 2013

The Way We Were

The British writer Alan Bennett once remarked that history is “just one damned thing after another”. And so it might seem.
Media August 2013


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