CSR Jan / Feb 2021

The gain from pain

CSR July 2016

Relief work in Kumamoto

CSR June 2016

Raising awareness of refugees

CSR May 2016

Quake: Brits lend helping hand

Firms, individuals and NPOs support Kumamoto
CSR March 2016

RIJ creates hope and opportunity

CSR December 2015

Working for refugees

CSR October 2015

A wicked night for charity

CSR September 2015

Helping kids with cancer

New general manager unveils plans for fundraising event
CSR August 2015

Fundraising the best way

CSR August 2015

From war to self reliance

Charity gives hope to Cambodians
CSR June 2015

Leaving the world a better place

CSR November 2014

Showroom tie-up raises charity profile

A special exhibition of animals saved by Animal Refuge Kansai has been on display in a Tokyo car dealership.
CSR October 2013

Precious Lives

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plc has teamed up with non-profit organisation Save the Children to help 1mn of the world’s poorest youngsters survive by improving their access to healthcare and nutrition.
CSR October 2012

"Carnival" Raises Millions for Children with Cancer

Shine On! Kids (Tyler Foundation) held it’s seventh annual fundraiser on 28 September at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.
CSR October 2012

Volunteers for the Vulnerable

When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the north-east of the country with such devastating power last year, Yoshihiro Hara had no idea how he might be able to help—but he knew he had to do something.
CSR July 2012

Unilever Awarded Gender Diversity Prize

Unilever Japan has been recognised for its exceptional commitment to gender diversity by one of the most influential business publishers in Japan.
CSR October 2011

Going to the Dogs

Life has been particularly hard for the pets of the Tohoku region abandoned since 11 March, according to Elizabeth Oliver who founded Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) in 1990.
CSR October 2011

Pride and Purpose

Takeshi Kamigouchi’s shirt is drenched, his face slightly sunburnt and his callused hands beginning to resemble those of a hardened labourer rather than a top business executive. “I think I might have overdone it a bit”, he said, leaning breathless on his spade and wiping away perspiration dripping down his forehead.”
CSR September 2011

Corporate Volunteers

The windows on two floors of the Tokyo offices of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Japan are blacked out. Most of the lights are turned off in the spacious lobby, while the air-conditioning has clearly been set to operate at a higher temperature than might be expected in summer—although it is still comfortable. And, instead of a throng of employees coming through the front door shortly before 9am on a regular working day, there is only a steady trickle.
CSR August 2011

Teamwork: Two NPOs

This year’s Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) business-plan writing challenge took on an unusual client, the Tyler Foundation, which is dedicated to improving life for children with cancer and their families. A non- profit organisation set up in 2006, the foundation is funded by private and corporate donations and employs a minimal number of staff.
CSR April 2011

Two Hats, One Job

As a teenager, Jane Best MBE says she was “terribly shy”. That is a little hard to understand, given her position today. As president and CEO of Refugees International Japan (RIJ), she is constantly required to meet people in remote—and sometimes dangerous—parts of the developing world, and to be equally at ease in settings with high-flying businesspeople, diplomats and other officials who support the organisation.
Industry April 2011

Lending a Listening Ear

For almost 40 years, one organisation has been at the front line in Tokyo when it comes to community mental health care: the non-profit Tokyo English Life Line (TELL). But it offers more than just a telephone counselling service, having the two additional core competencies of counselling for children and for families.
CSR March 2011

Helping Hands

It’s a busy weekday evening at the Azabudai offices of Hands On Tokyo, where the air is filled with the clunking of plastic bottles and the scent of luxury toiletries.
CSR February 2011

The Soft Side of Rock

Utilising everything from rap through songs by Abba, with numbers by Michael Jackson to classical arrangements and traditional Japanese music, several hundred children took to the stage at the Yokohama Kannai Hall on 22 November to compete in the Rock Challenge Japan 2010.
CSR December 2010 / January 2011

It's a Dog's Life for Homeless Pets

Although Japan is an advanced nation, it is sadly lagging behind others in terms of animal welfare. While pedigree dogs, cats and “exotics” fetch high prices, about 300,000 unwanted, abused or stray pets are put to sleep each year by authorities.
CSR October / November 2010

Bring on Bailey!

At the Tyler Foundation’s Rhinestone Cowboy fundraising gala dinner on 1 October, the star of the glittering show was not among the many generous bidders for the donated auction items, nor one of the petite cowgirls in revealing denim shorts.
CSR August / September 2010

NPO Helps Vulnerable Families

We know a number of families in Japan have problems, as families do in all countries. Some here face disability, health problems, depression and stress. Mothers in particular can feel isolated at home with babies or young children and there are significant problems with poverty, child abuse and neglect.
CSR June / July 2010

Managing Real Estate Risk

With increasing securitization of the industry, asset owners recently have began to require the independent third-party risk assessment that ERS provides.
CSR December 2009 / January 2010

Funds Aid Fight for Rights

Refugees International Japan (RIJ) began in 1979 with advocacy efforts to improve conditions for Indochinese refugees, particularly Cambodians in camps in Thailand.