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The good life?

Books July / Aug 2020

For quirky bookworms

Books December 2018

Books and Maps

Despite—or due to—technology, collectors covet rare texts and charts
Books November 2018

Tragedy of Kakuei Tanaka

Enigmatic fixer who bridged Britain and Japan
Books March 2018

Standing together

Life Lessons from Remarkable Women
Books February 2018

How rich are we?

Pushing back against the "Cult of Growth"
Books November 2017

Ghosts of the Tsunami

Books June 2016

A slice of social history

Builders of bonds
Books March 2016

Decline and fall

The life of a showman
Books April 2016

Guru shares how to tidy up

Restore order in your life
Books March 2016

Breaking records

Famous book creates own personal best
Books February 2016

A touch of Frost

At the cutting edge of media
Books January 2016

A love letter

Divided by a common language
Books December 2015

Britain’s last 20 years

A look at the country’s major privatisations
Books August 2015

Exposing harsh truths

Themes of memory and loss
Books June 2015

Speak the speech, I pray you

The life of an actor
Books May 2015

A prince re-visited

Personal search for a role
Books April 2015

Stepping out in style

A personal account of an extraordinary life
Books March 2015

“Grief is not a one-way street in Japan”

This book has aspects of a journal, a historical narrative and a cultural guide.
Books February 2015

Current issues in historic context

This book examines what hinders freedom in Japan.
Books January 2015

Considering the hypothetical

This book examines possible answers to strange questions.
Books December 2014

A Little Dark British Humour

This book explores the life and thoughts of comedian John Cleese.
Books November 2014

A dash of flavour chemistry

This book explores the secrets of umami, the fifth taste.
Books October 2014

A time and place unpeeled

An Encyclopaedia of Myself explores the life and times of Brit Jonathan Meades.
Books September 2014

I’ll drink to that

Sake Confidential unlocks the mysteries of Japan's national drink.
Books August 2014

Examining the events of 1945

Year Zero explores a year that marked dramatic changes in the world.
Books July 2014

Identity in the face of crises

Burnt Shadows explores world-changing events through a story about love and war.
Books June 2014


The art lover's guide to Japanese museums; Surviving the 2011 Tsunami
Books May 2014


Good short fiction has all the components of a fine novel: The shorter the story, the more skilful the writer needs to be.
Books April 2014

A commanding read on all things Japanese

This is the most important book on Japan to be published in the last two decades.