Book review

Book review May / June 2022

An illustrated guide to Samurai history and culture: from the age of Musashi to contemporary pop culture

Book review May 2018

Sink or swim in sales

Japan Sales Mastery: Lessons from thirty years in Japan
Book review January 2018

Life’s journey

New haiku collection opens up the literary form
Book review

A close-up on Japan

Book review September 2017

The silence of autism

Another illuminating look at autism
Book review

Deep study

Japanese studies in Britain
Book review July 2017

An Alternative View

Another Kyoto by Alex Kerr
Book review June 2017

The Minimalist

Japan's new minimalist movement
Book review May 2017

An indomitable city

New book on Tokyo paints a picture of a city that is unrivalled in its uniqueness.
Book review April 2017

Eight million deities

The answer to “What is Shinto?”
Book review March 2017

Japan street life

Blurred photos capture a country transformed
Book review February 2017

Fear of falling

Glimpses Over the Edge: People Displaced by Conflict, Violence and Persecution by Alexander Treves
Book review January 2017

A new take

ANJIN—The Life & Times of Samurai William Adams, 1564–1620 by Hiromi T. Rogers
Book review December 2016

New ground

New scholarly study of a commanding figure in Japanese literature
Book review November 2016

A unique record

New volume of UK–Japan biographical portrait series
Book review October 2016

Unique publishing project

This is a seriously beautiful book that would make a fine addition to anyone’s library
Book review September 2016

The English Willow and Japan

A beautifully produced volume of “Twaiku”
Book review August 2016

Face to face with dying

Reflections without self-pity
Book review July 2016

Tale of a double agent

The lives of Guy Burgess
Book review November 2015

From outside looking in

Book review October 2015

Lost for words?

Here’s a volume that just might help . . .
Book review September 2015

Under the skin of the BBC

The players who shaped the institution
Book review July 2015

Student life through the eyes of royalty

Princess Akiko explores her time at Oxford