Interview Jan / Feb 2022

Scots passion for sake

Interview Jan / Feb 2022

One foot in both Oxford and Kyoto

Interview Jan / Feb 2022

Carolyn Davidson

Interview Mar / Apr 2021

BBC picks sake expert

Interview July / Aug 2020

Life in the fast lane

Interview July / Aug 2020

Fight for Rights

Interview May / June 2020

Dr Kenji Shibuya

Interview May / June 2020

Tokiko Shimizu

Interview Mar / Apr 2020

Why Wales?

Interview Mar / Apr 2020

The history detective

Interview Mar / Apr 2020

Matthew Knowles

Interview February 2020

Sarah Backley

Interview August 2019

London Touch for Tokyo Landmark

Huge project picks top UK creator
Interview March 2019

The Ginger Chef

UK culinary ambassador Chris Wheeler turns taste buds at Foodex
Interview February 2019

Surveyed Solutions

Robert Walters brings insight to hiring
Interview January 2019

First Port of Call

Kobe Mayor Kizo Hisamoto shares his love of UK and view of the future
Interview August 2017

Powering on

Lady Barbara Judge CBE on nuclear technology, corporate governance and women
Interview February 2016

Navy liaison post restored after 92 years

Officer reflects on importance of role
Interview January 2016

Selling English

The work of a skilled chameleon
Interview November 2015

More services, partners and businesses

British Council’s new Japan director aims to expand its profile
Interview September 2015

More than money

New recruits want CSR, diversity and mobility
Interview September 2015

Support lacking for death penalty

London-educated academic explodes myth of public opinion
Interview April 2015

Learning from the changing face of London

Tokyo to welcome UK city planning expert
Interview March 2015

Steve Borthwick

The former England captain has an important role in preparing Japan for the Rugby World Cup 2019.
Interview January 2015

Viorel Isticioaia-Budura

The new EU envoy to Japan shares his thoughts on bilateral trade relations.
Interview December 2014

Land of opportunity

Unilever's president and chief executive explains why Japan is a sophisticated market with savvy consumers.
Interview October 2014

Recruitment Industry still on Solid Ground

Economic confidence has resulted in an increasing number of European firms entering the Japan market.
Interview September 2014

Branding with the human touch

How one UK firm is tapping into Britishness to compete with the domestic auto industry.
Interview April 2014

old and new

Tomomi Araki, a registered architect in the UK and Japan, has a distinct view on the evolution of cities and buildings.
Interview December 2013

Andrew Symonds

Symonds is the president of AgustaWestland Japan and the head of North East Asia operations.