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Turning the page

Old issues of BCCJ magazine reveal evolution of UK–Japan ties
Top story

Energy to expand

UK firms see greater chance in Japan
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
March 2018

Banking on change

Progress on the march
Top story March 2018

Brave new world

Open Banking offers new area for bilateral ties
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
February 2018

Forward motion

Making progress in 2018
Top story February 2018

The big first step?

Will the UK’s new industrial strategy impact business with Japan?
Drinks February 2018

Hard sell

UK wine is improving, but can it take on the Japanese market?
Books February 2018

How rich are we?

Pushing back against the "Cult of Growth"
Education January 2018

Keep in touch

UK alumni groups in Japan play key role in bilateral ties
BCCJ Event December 2017

Building resilience in your firm

Refugees provide model to overcome stress
Top story December 2017

Our 2018 crystal ball

Sector chiefs predict next year’s trends, hopes … and fears
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
December 2017

What’s in store?

Look ahead to 2018
Technology November 2017

The future is now

HR November 2017

Space to grow

Real Estate November 2017

Finding the sweet spot

Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
November 2017

Embrace the future

Top story October 2017

Soft touch, hard punch

Royal Navy top brass and defence firms fly the flag at MAST Asia 2017
Sports October 2017

MICE build-up for major events

Yokohama seeks edge for Olympics and rugby
Health October 2017

Drugs: safety first

GSK adopts new text-mining technology
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
October 2017

Strong allies

UK and Japan make a good team
Science September 2017

Catalyst for change

Johnson Matthey looks to the future as it marks 200 years
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
August 2017

Slow down

But don’t stop
Top story August 2017

Boris at the BCCJ

Exclusive highlights of off-the-record event
BCCJ Event August 2017

New youth

Recruitment boss offers advice on handling millennials

Mutual lessons

Standard Life Investments Japan boss on Brexit, governance and starting a new business in Japan
Education July 2017

The next level

Marianne Black, BST chair of trustees, on governance and her MBE
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
July 2017

New starts

Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
June 2017

Bottoms up!

Fine UK drinks for the season
Embassy June 2017

Bearing fruit

Will English wines take root in Japan?
BCCJ Event June 2017

Small is great XI

Success as a serial entrepreneur in Japan

Beyond boxes

Logistics real estate firm explores diversity, renewable energy
Charity May 2017

Brits on bikes

Sponsors help charity cycle team achieve community goals
Survey May 2017

FCIJ: taking the pulse

How will Brexit affect the UK and the European Union?
BCCJ Event May 2017

Yuriko Koike: Call me the “Silk Lady”

Inspired by Margaret Thatcher, Tokyo governor reveals her plan to leave a legacy
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
May 2017

Strong support

For D&I and UK firms
Economy April 2017

Top priorities

Lord Green on the key aims for post-Brexit UK
Food & drink April 2017

Plates and dishes

British Embassy Tokyo and Wedgwood create feast of fun
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
April 2017

Stick at it

Hard work pays off
Nature April 2017

Remnants of the British Empire

Natural History Museum's Treasures of the Natural World on show in Tokyo
Sports business March 2017

World Cup winners

Firms set sights on the 2019 Rugby World Cup
Opinion March 2017

New global order

Dealmaker sees UK political risk and Japan growth
BCCJ Event March 2017

2017 Business Trends from the C-Suite

Japan bosses give views on Trump, Brexit
Top story March 2017

Living the dream

Driven by desire, sought by social media, bought by brands
BCCJ Event March 2017

Flexible working

Can you compete without it?
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
March 2017

Adapt and thrive

Make the most of change
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
February 2017

Strong start

People power in the UK community
Science February 2017

Power of partners

Sellafield and TEPCO share nuclear knowhow
Travel February 2017

Elegant Japan

Paul Christie, the 38th Cool Japan Ambassador, talks about his plans to highlight a different side of the country
Education January 2017

Getting results

Japan beats UK in PISA, but test isn’t perfect
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
December 2016

Making a mark

For UK–Japan ties
Art December 2016

Japan’s wild side

London showcases rich botanical art
Fashion December 2016

Just the classics

Jeremy Hackett, the founder of Hackett London, on the appeal of British style
Holiday December 2016

Going off-piste

Brits discover the joys of Japanese skiing
Awards December 2016

The 2016 Japan–British Society Awards

Prizes for sake brewer and book fan club
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
November 2016

Look ahead

A year of change
Top story November 2016

Game for change

Hi-tech is next step for sport
Survey November 2016

Poll: Bit better

Firms send mixed signals on economy, performance
Music November 2016

Fused music

“Three mute girls” from Derbyshire bring quirky gig to Japan
British Business Awards October 2016

What do BBA judges look for?

How this year’s experts will identify DRIVE
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
October 2016

Shift up a gear

Busy month in UK–Japan ties
BCCJ Event October 2016

Making Good Things Happen

Corporate social responsibility offers benefits and challenges

Iain Ferguson

President of Lloyd’s Japan talks about solutions for specialist business risks and the benefits of BCCJ membership
BCCJ September 2016

Don’t miss the British Business Awards!

Some tickets still left; nominations and sponsors welcome
Simon Farrell Publisher
September 2016

New editor

For a new era
BCCJ Event July 2016

Tips from a digital nomad

Working smart—remotely